About Me

Elite, Intelligent, with a splash of Avant Garde...it's what poodles & Whitley Pixel have in common. My name is Ashley Cartledge, creative entrepreneur behind Whitley Pixel. They say do what you love & since I lack Beyonce's vocals, I create for a career!

With a gap in the market between big box brands & small business, I saw no reason for why "small pockets" should be restricted from "big impacts" in terms of design, branding & websites. I thrive on custom & the challenge of weaving each client's story into their project.

My company aligns Elite, Intelligent & Avant Garde as its core competencies meaning...

Elite branding - more than pretty colors, cool fonts & witty logo

Intelligent websites - cater to your customer's experience

Avant Garde design - survive an over-stimulated, saturated market

behind the name


First name - Ashley, maiden name - Whitright. I combined the two, forming Whitley to represent what built me (Whitright) and who I will always be (Ashley).


They are the smallest addressable element of a picture on a screen. Because a heavy portion of my job is digital based coupled with the highly detailed approach, Pixel rolled off the tongue and made perfect sense.

Poodle Logo

The pixelated poodle is inspired by my first dog, Marley. I got her the first year out of college when my creative career began. She's been with me through all the jobs, especially the creation of this one! I used her because poodles represent elite, intelligent and avant garde characteristics which parallel to my company's core values.

Currently Inspired By...