top ten design tips for event poster

Single finger scroll this because you are 10 steps away from designing one memorable event poster.

1. Stick To Your Guns

Pick one component and run with it like tonight's billion dollar Powerball winner. If it's a feature image, type only, abstract, whatever the concept, deconstruction is your friend. A standout component will keep the event memorable and let's be honest, that's the goal of the poster and what you were hired to do. Can't get your client to stop suggesting to make their logo as big as the event's emblem, share this formula: less competing elements = more foot traffic in your sophisticated designer tone of voice. This typically extracts their agreeable nature, you're welcome.  

feature image event poster

2. Consistency Is King

If the project does not include providing sized social media art, web banner, etc., help your client out by providing a couple .png files of the event logo/crest, event headline and copy, etc. Mention a site like Canva where a monkey can upload and create sized goodness to splatter their event literally everywhere, almost nearing unfollow territory. I wished I didn't mean it but I do...this extra step gets your design more impressions versus some Curlz MT replication the office intern was told to do a Facebook post about and is now associated with your poster design. If the unpaid use of your design on other platforms is holding you up like Tom Sandoval's proposal, charge a resize/usage fee for your consolation. 

visual hierarchy event poster tips

3. Picking A Font Is Like Naming A Child

It determines the future. An untracked version of Brandon Grotesque will predestine your client's event to a turnout as small as Jeb Bush's town hall attendees. While that's a bit dramatic, pretend like it's not so you don't make this mistake. Ever. 

font event poster tips

4. Legibility Love Affair

Think of the parent you seem to be a direct by-product of? Chances are you have more conflict with them right? Mix and match typestyles like family member compatibility by experimenting with a bold serif and italic sans serif combo perhaps. Increase size and weight of key words to direct eyeballs and achieve increased impact.

combine fonts event poster tips

5. Mind The Grid

Grids create harmony but take time to master. Learn from a pro here. Take the time, do the math and set up guides before you plug and play your next layout masterpiece.

grid design event poster

6. Tell Them What's Important

As a general rule, people don't read and if they do, guilty attention thieves like email, texts and infinite notifications steal the show. Grab attention quickly and don't make them work for it by keeping verbiage to a minimum. Place important components in a prominent, strategic location. Try using color to highlight vital details. Do whatever you have to do to prioritize poster elements visually.

visual hierarchy event poster tips

7. Colorscope

Whip out the trusty color wheel and choose wisely. Colors evoke emotions and energy. Based on the event, go all out with multiple bold colors for a rock concert or subtle hues for the ballet. 

color scheme event poster tips

8. Allow For Plenty Of White Space

This is where clients tend to get uncomfortable and good designs unravel. If there is room for the design to breathe, without fail, clients get an unexplainable urge to fill up every square inch of space. When no single element is allowed to be the hero, the end result is a jumbled text/image catastrophe leaving the consumer confused. A clean design intrigues the consumer and creates an interest to investigate or visit the event's website where a host of information dwells having them hooked. 

white space event poster

9. Sleep On It

Do whatever possible to entirely distract yourself by doing a different activity before bed. A good night sleep and fresh morning eyes does wonders to a design before hitting send.

unnecessary elements event poster

10. Remove Unnecessary Elements

Wake up and remove three things. A color, words, image, border, punctuation, etc. The client's about to add it back anyways so be proactive and make some room!

columbus ga food truck festival event poster

Designing event posters combines typestyle sourcing, visual element creation, color palette selections and layout challenges - all with an untraditional amount of room to move around and play with compared to most assignments. It's one of my favorite projects to take on, especially lately for repeat client, Uptown Columbus. The above Food Truck Festival poster was a recent commission and exciting because it was a new event.

The client sought an urban, upscale design that would immediately communicate the event's location to locals ranging from ages 20 to 50. It was intended to attract foodies, sports fans as well as the older demo turned socialites. The goal of the event was to prove Columbus had a market for food trucks that would not affect local restaurants.

So you can see how a design transforms and the give and take between client and designer, I have included the below first concept and recommendation.

food truck urban event poster concept

Working on some posters right now that I cannot wait to share!

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