When Ginny Turner approached me about creating a full branding suite for her new real estate business (logo, tagline, fonts, patterns, icons and website), I was honored and excited to get started. Ginny's previous profession had made her aware of the importance in branding and what a cohesive look does for recognition and perceived value.

ginny turner real estate

I began with a detailed branding questionnaire with both simple and abstract questions to help me peak inside what sometimes is difficult to verbalize. Two things stood out with Ginny, her passion to help others and how deeply rooted real estate in her hometown of Columbus, GA ran in her family. In fact, her great grandparents had developed the neighborhood she is currently living in and named many of the surrounding streets after the colleges they attended, family members and close friends. These became the focus because not only were they special to her but their meaning could be interpreted visually, having a powerful impact.

Before starting the logo, determining a tagline would be crucial. Ginny's passion for helping others inspired, "Door to Door Dedication". At this point, it became clear that the logo would have something to do with a door, front porch, entry of home, etc. It's also why I chose a font where the "R" resembled a keyhole to a door. A subtle detail but with meaning.

After exploring objects such as front porch planters, keys, keyhole, lanterns and one door knocker that stood out, this is what we went with.

This phase is when branding comes to life and the client can visually see what will be communicated to consumers. A pattern/texture was needed for Ginny's digital and collateral print usage. Inspired by our initial focal point of "deep roots" and love for her hometown, a southern cane/bamboo-esque pattern was created. I like to provide my clients with primary and secondary forms of all branding components to strategically mix and match with different forms of advertising. The plain pattern in Ginny's green and brown colors make lovely backgrounds but what if she needed the pattern to communicate more than that?....So we placed the front porch planter, lantern, key and keyhole that were too good to ditch in the logo series within the pattern for a strong, southern interior feel. Below is her full branding suite.

Lastly, I created her website with the purpose to act now as a digital doormat for clients to find her on the web until she has listings and additional content to build out the site. The site features a rotating banner that will eventually preview Ginny's listings with three hotspots immediately below for high priority listings she wants to ensure visitors see. Because blogs are crucial for a realtor's search engine success, I built a blog page and the three most recent posts will automatically generate on her home page for high traffic and visibility. Lastly, custom forms were put into place for both buyers, sellers and general inquiries so that customers of any need could find Ginny's site useful and accommodating. It goes without saying, if you're looking to buy in the area or move, you should give Ginny a call or visit her website here.