Ello, welcome to my new blog where I vow to practice what I preach. Businesses are an evolving creature and Whitley Pixel has been no exception. Three names, three logos, three-ish service tweaks and three years later...I've finally landed on what feels right. 

My name is Ashley Cartledge, creative entrepreneur behind Whitley Pixel. They say do what you love so if that was the case, I would be a singing, dancing, flawless sensation similar to the Queen herself, Beyonce. But...God had something else in mind so I opted for my second love, creating. And creating it has been since I was the weird, little indoors child with a big imagination and ability to endlessly occupy myself. From sketching floor plans to creating pretend businesses, I did more of this than socializing...until college. A late bloomer indeed, the advertising, design, techy thing didn't fall into place until my first real job post college at Luckie in Birmingham, AL.

Birmingham is my soul but my heart led me to Columbus, GA, where my now-husband lived. Taking what I loved and learned from agency life, I started my own business with excitement and determination. What I didn't know at the time was how long it would truly take to figure out who I was as a business, what I wanted to specialize in and where I saw the business going. That vision is coming into focus now and I'm ready to practice via website, social media, advertising, etc. what I preach to all of my clients for my own business.

So here goes my blog and the next chapter in Whitley Pixel's book. This is my place to share processes, works, challenges and industry knowledge with both creative types and small businesses. Thanks for reading and may you always hustle doing what you love!

Side Note - Dear family and friends, I have separated my instagram accounts (as I should have a long time ago). My personal account moving forward will be @aecartledge and professional account will remain @whitleypixel