uptown river fest logo and poster design

Uptown Columbus does an amazing job with perpetual events to attract locals and stimulate the economy. I was excited when recently contracted to redesign the Uptown RiverFest logo and poster design. Enthusiatic to begin, parameters were to keep the existing color scheme, however, incorporate the Dillingham Street Bridge, a river and sun with a family-oriented/kid friendly tone. I built a mood board to get a feel for the event, common visual elements and included the previous years' logo, poster design and palette. 

Bands, food trucks, art vendors and dragon races make this event something for everyone. The new design needed to communicate a fun day by the river with family and friends while incorporating a strategic undertone implying children. Since the color palette and visual elements were predetermined, appealing to children would have to be translated through either fonts, style of visual elements or both. Because the event will be advertised through channels to reach adults with children, I opted to keep the text appealing to an older demo. However, scribble type sun rays, river ripple and simplistic, flat design of bridge and sun would execute the kid friendly element.

So here it is...I give you the 2016 RiverFest logo.

The next challenge was developing a poster branded to complement the main logo for optimal event recognition.

I opted to put the musical line up, location and other event information "in the water" mimicking the shape of the logo's river ripple for consistent cross over of visual elements.

I shifted text around in the correct hierarchy of information as it would make sense to read on an event poster. To emphasize the main attractions, I placed key text within each bridge arch so it would not get lost amongst the musical guests and show times.

Lastly, because the event is centered around the river and dragon races are an attraction, I added "water activity" to breathe life into the design.

uptown riverfest 2016 logo
uptown river fest 2016 poster design

If you are in the area May 6th & 7th, I would encourage you to head downtown to Woodruff Park and enjoy a day by the river. You can visit the events website with all information, vendor details, dragon boat team applications, event map, etc. here.

Visit the Facebook event page here to see what people are talking about, invite others, read reviews from last year and more!

Thanks for reading and one housekeeping note...skyline notecards are back in stock on my web store here and t-shirts for adults and youth here